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Publication of the judicial procedures list of the 4th Military Court corresponding to the province of Valladolid

Publish date: 23-10-2019 12:45
The list of the judicial procedures instructed in the province of Valladolid by the 4th Territorial Military Court following the Civil War and Franco dictatorship was published on the Portal.

This description instrument includes the procedures instructed in that province, mostly by military courts of the rebel-Francoist side, and kept in the Northwest Military Intermediate Archive. These summaries include the one for which the General of the 7th Military Division, Nicolás Molero Lobo, was imprisoned in the Prison of San Cristóbal, for remaining faithful to the Republic before the coup of July 18, 1936.

The list includes several fields such as surnames and names of the retaliated persons, cause number, year and signature.